Hereford Research Division

The Hereford Research Foundation was established in 2009 as a division of the Hereford Youth Foundation of America, a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization, to support breed improvement projects outside the scope of the American Hereford Association (AHA) budget.

HRF was developed to support programs that enhance beef cattle production. These projects will be conducted throughout the U.S. in conjunction with universities, private firms and ranches and shall be funded by donations.

Extensive time and resources are spent each year by the AHA to enhance beef cattle production through various ongoing projects. You can see the value of these projects at

Contact AHA for more information on how to make tax-deductible contributions.

Unique Opportunity to Own Superior Hereford Genetics, Support HRF

John and Mona Loewen have graciously donated a young sire, Loewen Foundation 34X, registration number 43074983, to theHereford Research Foundation (HRF). Additionally, this young sire has been leased by ABS Global and both the proceeds from the sale of the bull and the semen sale royalties will go to the HRF.

Now the opportunity is in the hands of progressive cattlemen. “Foundation” will be offered to the public in the following way:

  • 20 shares at $2,500/share, buyers will receive 100 straws of semen over the next three years. (Semen shipment at buyer’s expense).
  • All shareholders will be entered into a drawing for three frozen embryos from the dam of “Foundation.”
  • The AHA will designate a spot in the National Reference Sire Program (NRSP) to test his progeny, including feed intake information.
  • “Foundation” will be in the non-certificate AI program.

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