Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

Encourage, recognize and reward the development of life skills and values in the next generation of leaders by providing education, scholarship and leadership opportunities for Hereford Youth.

Vision Statement

Recognized as the world’s premier foundation for creating growth and development opportunities for youth in the cattle industry.

Core Strategies

Core Strategy I – Invest in Additional Human Resources

  • Hire Professional  Full Time/Part Time Fundraiser
  • Hire Administrative Support
  • Create Incentive Compensation System
  • Secure Services of Professional Grant Writers
  • Secure Services of an Event Coordinator
  • Hire/contract accounting/back office support
  • Invest in Staff Training

Core Strategy II – Communicate our Story

  • Rebrand HYFA with a newly designed Web site
  • Refresh point of sale material
  • Leverage social media to reconnect with alumni and other supporters
  • Collect video testimonials with successful people and current junior members
  • Create promo-videos
  • Explore a second edition of RFD TV broadcast
  • Develop newsletter to donors and annual report
  • Leverage field staff to source high net worth individuals and fundraising opportunities
  • Involve junior board in corporate industry tour

Core Strategy III – Broaden our Reach

  • Prioritize our target segments
  • Explore creative contribution methods (phone apps, direct withdrawals)
  • Solicit Corporate Event Sponsors
  • Designate official sponsors
  • Expand types of gift opportunities and develop necessary board policy
  • Align with professionals who can provide estate planning advice
  • Explore opportunities to expand globally (exchange program)
  • Increase focus on grant writing
  • Cooperate with other humanitarian causes and initiatives

Core Strategy IV – Improve Financial Returns

  • Benchmark our funds performance with other investment funds
  • Maintain a diversified investment strategy
  • Annually revisit investment policy on investment style
  • Develop more matching programs

Core Strategy V – Continually Improve Board Governance and Effectiveness

  • Develop Board Orientation Program
  • Define Size of Board, responsibilities, term limits, nomination and selection process
  • Involve junior board members
  • Implement Annual Board Training
  • Implement Board Evaluation Process
  • Create Board Member Assignments and Accountability
  • Review/Revise Bylaws Periodically
  • Establish a more formal committee structure