2018 News

Let’s Feed the Future

Join the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) in September and October as we work together to take the Feed the Future Program to the next level. Strides were made in year one and as we are nearing the end of year two, let’s rally all the VitaFerm receipts and show your support of future youth programs here at the American Hereford Association.

This summer we started recognizing Feed the Future Customers of the Week for those farms and ranches and individual breeders who have went the extra mile and sent in the most receipts. Plans are in motion and we will continue to recognize those who support the program through the AHA Annual Membership Meeting the end of October.

The sky’s the limit what this program has the potential to generate for HYFA and what it means to the future. All it takes is each Hereford member who purchases a bag or tub of VitaFerm supplement to snap a picture of that receipt and send it in. Last year, BioZyme Inc., donated more than $14,000 to HYFA from the first year of the Feed the Future program. At that time we set a goal to double and maybe even triple that in 2018, and although we are making good progress, we have a ways to go the next couple of months. Let’s see what a difference 1 dollar and 1 receipt at a time can make. It is my hope that HYFA will have lots to celebrate when the final Feed the Future receipts are tallied for 2018.

American Hereford Association members can participate in this program in three easy steps.

  1. Select the correct VitaFerm supplement to maximize the potential of your cowherd. Eligible products include Concept•Aid®, Heat®, Cattleman’s Blend™, 30-13% Protein Tub™, Roughage Fortifier®, Sure Start® Pellet and new this year Vita Charge® Stress Tubs. Click here for assistance in finding a dealer near you or to speak with your Area Sales Manager.
  2. Each time you purchase an eligible VitaFerm product, take a picture of your invoice with your smartphone or camera and email a copy of the invoice to Hereford@biozymeinc.com or text your pictures(s) to our office at 816-383-3109.

BioZyme will donate $1 per bag or tub with proof of purchase to the Hereford Youth Foundation of America. Donations will be made annually.

Thanks for Feeding the Future

Thanks to all of our Feed the Future Customers of the Week who are being recognized on HYFA’s Facebook page. we appreciate your belief and continued support in this growing program. Keep those receipts coming, we can’t wait to see what the outcome is the end of October.

Jensen Bros. Herefords was started with a 4-H Hereford breeding heifer in the fall of 1972 and in 2019 they will have over 300 Hereford calves. Jensen Bros. along with their Herdsman, Eddie Sandberg have been customers of VitaFerm since the 1980’s. VitaFerm fed to their Hereford cattle has provided them the income to raise and educate their family. Thank you Kevin and Sheila Jensen and family from Kansas for supporting Feed the Future.

Hereford Juniors Awarded Scholarships

Hereford youth were awarded numerous scholarships during the 2018 VitaFerm Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) in Grand Island, Neb. More than $30,000 was awarded to deserving junior members to aid in their academic endeavors.

Prospect, Junior Golden Bull and Golden Bull Achievement Awards

The Prospect and Golden Bull Awards recognize individuals for their involvement in the Hereford industry, agriculture and their communities. The National Hereford Women (NHW) and the NJHA sponsor these awards. Prospect Awards go to students in fourth through eighth grades and Junior Golden Bull Awards to students in ninth through 12th grades. Prospect Award winners are given a leather halter with nameplate while the Junior Golden Bull Award winners receive a bronze Hereford bull statue. The Golden Bull Achievement Award is given to college-aged students. Like the juniors, these students receive a statue as well as a scholarship.

Prospect Award

  • Fourth grade – Kristin Waters, Norborne, Mo.
  • Fifth grade – Sarah Birdsall, Homer, N.Y.
  • Sixth grade – Chase Harker, Hope, Ind.
  • Seventh grade – Sam Birdsall, Homer, N.Y.
  • Eighth grade – Cady Pieper, Zurich, Kan

Junior Golden Bull Award

  • Ninth grade – Lauren Jones, Darlington,Wis.
  • 10th grade – KayAnn Eck, Putnam, Okla.
  • 11th grade – Lauren McMillan, Tiskilwa, Ill.
  • 12th grade – Kalie Seagraves, Pocahontas, Ark.

Golden Bull Achievement Award

  • Annah Dobson, Johnson Creek, Wis., $1,875
  • Bailey Morrell, Willows, Calif., $1,875
  • Noah Benedict, Dewey, Ill., $1,875
  • Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio, $1,875

John Wayne Memorial Scholarship

John Wayne Memorial Scholarships are awarded to juniors who surpass the norm with their contributions to agriculture and the Hereford industry, as well as their moral character. The Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) and the NHW sponsor the scholarships annually.

  • Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio, $1,000
  • Brianne Nelsen, Fredonia, Kan., $1,000

Ed Bible Memorial Scholarship

The Ed Bible Memorial Scholarships are designed to help finance higher education for NJHA members who have a passion and talent for communication as well as stellar leadership skills and involvement in the Hereford industry. Bible joined the American Polled Hereford Association staff in 1973 and for 25 years supported the senior, junior and Poll-ette associations. Because of his positive influence on the Hereford industry, the NHW and the HYFA offer four annual scholarships in his honor.

  • First place – Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio, $1,000
  • Second place – Ralston Ripp, Kearney, Neb., $750
  • Third place – Hannah Williams, Kearney, Neb., $500
  • Fourth place – Brooke Hinojosa-Sidwell, Carr, Colo., $250

National Junior Merit Award

The junior merit scholarship annually recognizes exceptional junior members for their dedication to bettering the Hereford industry. The scholarship program is designed to encourage individual and cooperative effort, enthusiasm, excellence, leadership and achievement among youth in order to develop reputable breeders for the good of the Hereford business and beef industry. The winner receives an expense-paid trip to a Hereford operation in the continental U.S. sponsored by American Livestock Inc. as well as a scholarship.

  • First place – Parker Cantrell, Collinsville, Okla., $2,000 plus trip
  • Second place – Harley Rogers, Hamilton, Texas, $1,500
  • Third place – Katie Nolles, Bassett, Neb., $1,000

Hereford Herdsman Scholarship

Sponsored by the HYFA in cooperation with Hereford herdsmen, these scholarships recognize the value in NJHA members who take great pride in exhibiting their Hereford cattle and provide a scholarship to award their dedication to the breed.

  • Katie Nolles, Bassett, Neb., $1,000
  • Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio, $1,000

Joe and Walter Lewis High Point Senior Award

This scholarship award honors junior members for overall achievement in various facets of NJHA. Junior members are selected based on a point system for NJHA programs and activities weighted heavily on leadership, teamwork, skills and competition.

  • Courtney Eudy, Harrisburg, N.C., $500

Poll-ette Founders Scholarship

The HYFA funds the Poll-ette Founders scholarship and the award is managed through the NHW. It recognizes juniors who have made significant contributions to NJHA during their time as a junior. Additionally, the scholarship honors the women who laid the foundation for the National Organization of Poll-ettes, which combined with the American Hereford Women in 2009 to form the NHW.

  • Evan Espenscheid, Marshalltown, Iowa, $1,000
  • Brianne Nelsen, Fredonia, Kan., $1,000

Bud Snidow Award

NHW sponsors the the B.C. “Bud” Snidow Award is sponsored and the award is presented annually to a commendable NJHA member who demonstrates the characteristics most admired by Snidow. Those qualities include honesty, fairness, hard work, enthusiasm and dedication to the Hereford breed and its breeders. The recipient receives a hand-crafted belt buckle.

  • Lucas Stumpf, Columbia, Ill.

Charles E. Boyd Sr., Memorial Scholarship

Charles E. Boyd Sr., was a third-generation Hereford breeder who mentored youth in the agriculture industry. Throughout his lifetime, he was recognized on local, state and national levels for his accomplishments. He was a prominent beef cattle judge at all major livestock shows and exhibited several international and national champion Hereford cattle. He lived his life selflessly, giving to others without recognition. The Charles E. Boyd Sr., Memorial Scholarship will continue to help young people in the Hereford breed who plan to attend college and pursue a degree in agriculture.

  • Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio, $1,500

Bluegrass and Buckeye Scholarship

The Ohio and Kentucky Hereford Associations along with HYFA sponsor the Bluegrass and Buckeye Scholarship through excess funds from the 2006 JNHE in Louisville, Ky. The scholarship’s goal is to provide recognition for one outstanding member of the NJHA. In order to receive the honor, applicants must first be nominated by their state junior association advisor.

  • Keayla Harr, Jeromesville, Ohio, $1,500


Noah Benedict, 18, is a 12-year member of the NJHA and was the 2017-18 president of his FFA Chapter. Noah won the 2015 and 2016 Premier Polled Hereford Herdsmen at the Illinois State Fair and was the 2017 champion intermediate showmen at the Illinois Preview Show. He will be attending the University of Illinois this fall. Noah won the Golden Bull Achievement Award.

Sam Birdsall, 13, is the son of Dennis and Heather Birdsall. He has been a member of the NJHA for 11 years and the New York Junior Hereford Association (NYJHA) for seven years where he serves as the vice president. Sam has competed at seven JNHEs and represented the NYJHA in the junior division of the public speaking contest at the 2018 JNHE. He was also the champion junior showman of all breeds at the 2017 New York State Fair. Sam won the seventh-grade Prospect Award.

Sarah Birdsall, 10, is the daughter of Denis and Heather Birdsall. She has been a member of the NJHA and the NYJHA for seven years. Sarah is the 2018 treasurer for NYJHA. She competed in the individual sales contest at the 2018 JNHE and was the 2016 champion peewee showman at the New York State Fair. Sarah won the fifth-grade Prospect Award.

Parker Cantrell, 19, is the son of Steve and Michelle Cantrell. He is studying animal science at Oklahoma State University (OSU) and has been a member of NJHA and the Junior Hereford Association of Oklahoma for nine years. Parker was very active in the Oklahoma FFA Association and served as his chapter’s vice president in 2016-17. He exhibited the reserve champion junior A.I. (artificial insemination) bull at the 2013 JNHE. Parker won the first place National Junior Merit Award.

Annah Dobson, 20, is the daughter of Roger and Rachelanne Dobson. She currently serves as the 2018 president of both the Wisconsin Junior Hereford Association (WJHA) and the University of Wisconsin River Falls Beef Management Team. She also served as the 2017 National Hereford Queen. Annah won the Golden Bull Achievement Award.

KayAnn Eck, 16, is the daughter of Sam and Rhonda Eck. She has been a member of the NJHA for 10 years and currently serves as secretary of the Junior Hereford Association of Oklahoma. KayAnn was reserve grand champion of the polled bred and owned show at the 2017 Oklahoma Youth Expo Reserve. In 2016 she had the grand champion bull at the Red Dirt Rendezvous and the grand champion heifer of the junior show at the Oklahoma State Fair. KayAnn won the 10th-grade Junior Golden Bull Award.

Evan Espenscheid, 18, is an 11-year member of the NJHA and served as an Iowa delegate from 2015-18. She exhibited the reserve bred and owned champion heifer at both the 2016 and 2017 Iowa State Preview Show and won reserve grand champion AI (artificial insemination) heifer at the 2013 JNHE. Evan received the Poll-ette Founders Scholarship.

Courtney Eudy, 22, recently graduated with a degree in animal science from North Carolina State University. She exhibited the reserve champion cow-calf pair at the 2018 JNHE and was named the 2016-17 AHA Southeast polled premier exhibitor. She also served as the 2014 North Carolina Junior Hereford Association Queen. Courtney won the Joe and Walter Lewis High Point Senior Award.

Chase Harker, 12, is the son of Dan and Jill Harker. He has been a member of the NJHA and the Indiana Junior Hereford Association for six years. In 2017, Chase won grand champion steer at the JNHE and grand champion Hereford steer at the Indiana State Fair with the same animal. He has also participated in the livestock judging, photography and Certified Hereford Beef® (CHB) Grill-Off contests. Chase won the sixth-grade Prospect Award.

Keayla Harr, 21, is the daughter of Jeff and Lou Ellen Harr. She served as the 2016-17 Ohio Buckeye Junior Hereford Association vice president and the 2014-15 president. She is majoring in animal science and industry at Kansas State University, where she has competed and won several awards on the meat judging team. She was a JNHE Herdsman of the Year nominee in both 2017 and 2018. Keayla won the Golden Bull Achievement Award, the John Wayne Memorial Scholarship, the first place Ed Bible Memorial Scholarship, the Hereford Herdsman Scholarship, the Charles E. Boyd Sr. Memorial Scholarship and the Bluegrass and Buckeye Scholarship.

Brooke Hinojosa-Sidwell, 20, is a 12-year member of the NJHA. She was elected to the NJHA board of directors in 2016, and was the 2017 leadership chair. Brooke served as the Colorado Junior Hereford Association president from 2015-17 and was the state Hereford Queen from 2011-13. She was also a 2017 Jack and Donna Vanier Family Scholarship recipient. Brooke won the fourth place Ed Bible Memorial Scholarship.

Lauren Jones, 14, is the daughter of BJ and Kim Jones. Lauren has been a member of the NJHA and WJHA for eight years. She is currently serving her second term as the WJHA membership secretary and is also a WJHA princess. Lauren was a member of the 2016 junior national planning committee and was a member of the 2017 JNHE Champion Fitting Team. Lauren won the 2017 eighth-grade Senior Prospect Award and received this year’s ninth-grade Junior Golden Bull Award.

Lauren McMillan, 16, is the daughter of Kyle and jodi McMillan. She is a 10-year member of the NJHA, as well as the Illinois and Wisconsin Junior Hereford Associations. In 2017 Lauren was re-elected to serve a seventh term on the Illinois Junior Hereford Association board of directors. She has competed in more than 40 showmanship contests and 20 livestock judging contests. Lauren won the 11th-grade Junior Golden Bull Award.

Bailey Morrell, 17, is an 11-year member of the NJHA and the California-Nevada Junior Hereford Association. She has served as the president, vice president student advisor of her FFA chapter and won the 2018 Superior Region Star Farmer Award. Bailey exhibited the grand champion polled Hereford female at the 2017 Western Nugget National Hereford Show and was the champion junior showman at the 2013 JNHE. Bailey won the Golden Bull Achievement Award.

Brianne Nelsen, 20, is a nine-year member of the NJHA. She served as the Kansas State Hereford Queen from 2014-16 and received the Jack and Donna Vanier Family Scholarship in 2016. She also served as the president, vice president, reporter and greenhand president of her FFA chapter. Brianne won the Poll-ette Founders Scholarship.

Katie Nolles, 21, is the daughter of Mike and Trudy Nolles. She has been a member of the NJHA and Nebraska Junior Hereford Association for 11 years. She served as the 2015 National Hereford Queen and has served as the vice president, secretary, historian and director of the Nebraska Junior Hereford Association. Additionally, Katie served as the 2015-16 vice president of the Nebraska FFA Association. She is majoring in agricultural education and competes on the livestock judging team at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Last year Katie was named the Walter and Joe Lewis Memorial High Point Senior. Katie won the Hereford Herdsman Award this year.

Cady Pieper, 13, is the daughter of David and Dana Pieper. She is an eight-year member of the NJHA and a seven-year member of the Kansas Junior Hereford Association. In 2015 Cady won the Junior Herdsmanship Award at the Kansas State Show. She was also part of the winning team of the CHB Grill-off at the 2017 JNHE. Cady won the eighth-grade Prospect Award.

Ralston Ripp, 18, is a 10-year NJHA member and is this year’s Nebraska State Hereford Queen. She is currently serving as reporter on the Nebraska Junior Hereford Association board of directors. Ralston has also held an officer position of her 4-H club every year since 2009, and served as president in 2017. She was the reserve intermediate showman at the Nebraska State Junior Hereford Show (NSJHS) and exhibited the reserve champion cow-calf pair at the 2015 NSJHS. Ralston won the second-place Ed Bible Memorial Scholarship.

Harley Rogers, 19, is the daughter of Keith and Cindy Rogers. She has been involved in the NJHA for 17 years and the Texas Junior Hereford Association (TJHA) and Texas Junior Polled Hereford Association (TJPHA) for 15 years. She served as the 2014-15 president of the TJPHA. Harley has participated in four PRIDE Leadership Conventions and has shown at every Texas state Hereford show and JNHE since 2004. In 2016 she won the grand champion polled Hereford at both the Fort Worth Junior Show and the San Angelo Junior Show. Harley won the Golden Bull Achievement Award.

Kalie Seagraves, 18, is the daughter of Shawn and Anita Seagraves. She has been a member of the NJHA for nine years and the Arkansas Junior Hereford Association (AJHA) for five years. Kalie was the 2016-17 Arkansas Junior Hereford Queen and was the AJHA secretary and reporter from 2014-15. At the 2017 Arkansas State Fair Kalie exhibited the grand champion Hereford heifer and the grand champion bred and owned Hereford heifer and won champion senior showman. She was also named the 2017 JNHE reserve champion intermediate showman. Kalie won the 12th-grade Junior Golden Bull Award.

Lucas Stumpf, 21, is the son of Gene and Lori Stumpf. He has been a member of NJHA for 13 years and was a board member of the Illinois Junior Hereford Association. He also served as treasurer, secretary, vice president and president of his 4-H club. Lucas won the Bud Snidow Award.

Kristin Waters, 9, is the daughter of Glen and Kyla Waters. She has been a member of NJHA since 2012. She has been involved in several leadership activities and has participated in peewee judging and speech contests at JNHE. Kristin was a peewee showmanship national semifinalist at the 2017 JNHE. She won the fourth-grade Prospect Award.

Hannah Williams, 19, is a 10-year member of the NJHA and studies at Kansas State University. She exhibited the champion horned heifer at the 2017 Nebraska Junior Hereford State Show. At the 2016 Nebraska State Fair, Hannah was named champion elite showman and the premier beef exhibitor and won champion heifer. Hannah won the third place Ed Bible Memorial Scholarship.

Leadership Endowment Gives Back

76 members of the National Junior Hereford Association (NJHA) travelled to California, Aug. 1-4, for the ninth-annual Faces of Leadership Conference, sponsored by the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) and the Coley-Malir Leadership Endowment. Participants ages 14 to 21 arrived in San Francisco to gain leadership and communication skills, what they left with was much more. From industry tours to leadership workshops to motivational speakers, there was something there for everyone.

JNHE 5K Race Benefits HYFA

More than 80 runners laced up Monday, July 2, 2018 to participate in the second annual Junior National Hereford Expo (JNHE) 5K Race at the 19th Annual VitaFerm® JNHE in Grand Island, Neb., July 1-7.

The 3.2-mile race at Fonner Park was open to Hereford enthusiasts of all ages and local runners. First in the girls 14 division was Hailey Green, and Everett Funk took home first place honors in the boys 14 division. Lauren McMillan won the women 15-30 division, while Matthew Powers won the men 15-20 age group. Powers also won first place amongst all divisions with a time of 22 minutes and 18 seconds. For women 31 and over, Kayla Waters was first and in the same age group for men, Jeff Adkerson took home first place.

All proceeds from the race benefitted the Hereford Youth Foundation of America (HYFA) and the “Growing a Lasting Legacy” campaign. This year, the earnings totaled to almost $6,000 for HYFA.

“It was fun to see the variety of ages get on board to come out and run in the 5K to show their support for our Hereford Youth Foundation of America and its educational programs,” says Amy Cowan, director of youth activities and foundation.

The NJHA and HYFA greatly appreciate the generous support of the sponsors who make these events possible. The sole spo5K.jpgnsor for the 2018 JNHE 5K Race was Rob-See-Co.

Express Ranches, Buck Cattle Company and Moore Cattle Company Purchase Foundation Female Supporting Hereford Youth

MF 104Y Eve 109 19E ET sold for $80,000 to benefit the Hereford Youth Foundation of America’s (HYFA) Growing a Lasting Legacy Campaign, Jan. 12, at the Mile High Night Sale in Denver.

The Lot 1 Foundation Female has been highlighting the National Hereford Sale in Denver the past 10 years with a total of $770,000 being raised to support HYFA’s mission, which recognizes and rewards the development of life skills and values in the next generation.

Eve was purchased by Express Ranches, Yukon, Okla.; Buck Cattle Company, Madill, Okla.; and Moore Cattle Company, Madill, Okla.

“Each year, Lot 1 kicks off the Denver sale, and the Hereford Youth Foundation of America is so very fortunate to have such a generous donor base supporting one of our largest fundraisers of the year,” said Amy Cowan, American Hereford Association director of youth activities and foundation. “We could not be more excited to see these prestigious ranches from Oklahoma step up to support education and leadership programs. We owe a sincere thank you to Express Ranches, Buck Cattle Company and Moore Cattle Company for their unending commitment to youth.”

Eve was donated by Scott McDonald, McDonald Farm, Grand Rapids, Mich. She is a Jan. 14, 2017, daughter of CRR 719 Catapult 109 and out of MF 914W About Yasmine 104Y by CRR About Time 743.

“A big thank you goes to Scott McDonald for donating this phenomenal heifer calf from the heart of his program to highlight the 2018 Mile High Night and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Lot 1 Foundation Female in Denver,” Cowan said.